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will celebrate its 17th edition by recognizing the best IT products and services of 2015. So much has advanced in information technology since the Awards’ launch back in 1999! Today IT is an omnipresent part of our lives, and a recognition program should reflect the wide variety found within this constantly changing industry.

THE AWARDS –as many industry insiders call the program today- have reached an optimal point of maturity: they have grown together along with the industry, diversifying and innovating just as information technology itself tends to be.


To cover all IT categories under a ONE unique umbrella would make the program too large, so, we have decided to split the Awards in TWO:







THE LATIN AMERICAN DIGITAL AWARDS – CONSUMER program will recognize the best products and services available to the end users in Latin America during the year, covering as much as possible found within the ample diversity of this industry.


The editorial character of THE AWARDS will be presented via the publication of winners in each competing category throughout Hap Group’s network of digital publications: PC World en Español, The Standard IT, CIO Latin America and Factory PyMe.


Not much has changed regarding the awards program process but here’s a recap:


 1. The launch of the Awards program is published along with the mention of each competing category.

2. Nomination of each product is determined by either companies or by their assigned PR firms

3. Finalists and winners are selected by a Panel of Editorial Judges.


So what’s new? There will be no Gala to deliver the awards: both our readers and partners of the industry will know which are the Best products and services for consumers in 2015 in unison!


Date of THE AWARDS publication: Early December 2015.



THE LATIN AMERICAN DIGITAL AWARDS – ENTERPRISE program will reflect the IT industry’s major focus in recent years in developing solutions for the Enterprise, Small and Medium Business, and entrepreneurial Startup verticals. This is why THE DIGITAL LATIN AMERICA ENTERPRISE AWARDS are presented by CIO America Latina and Factory PyMe: both publications that address the information needs of these thriving markets.


The Enterprise Awards’ process is similar to that of the Consumer’s: 1) publication of categories, 2) nominations, and 3) the selection of finalists and winners in 40 categories by a panel of specialized IT editors.


Awarded products will be published and showcased by highly impactful benefits made available through customized marketing packages targeted at highly exposing, positioning and differentiating those winners to our millions of readers in the Enterprise & SOHO arena.


There is a Grand Gala! To be held in the second half of January next year. The event will reveal the winners and their merits to the community of IT readers.




1. The communication to the public of the product as a winner of the Awards 2015 is blocked until the Grand Gala has passed, and that the official list of winners has been distributed by HAP Group’s publications.

2. The right of publication of any Press Release and its distribution to the public by a participating company with the objective of announcing the winning product by the Awards 2015 are limited to the packages included in the present document.

3. The use of the logo of the Awards and the logo of the awarded product is limited and regulated by the owner of the brand: the HAP Group, and it should be negotiated separately with the sales team before any possible use, including the mentioning of the awards in external communications of the winning company and to the general media.

4. No company is required to pay any fee for participating in the Awards process.

5. Participating companies will solely pay for the benefits associated with distributing the news of their winnings, through the packages listed in this document, or any other custom agreement negotiated with the HAP Group.

6. The HAP Group reserves all the rights to publishing or not the awarded products in the respective categories in its publications

7. The determination by the panel of editorial judges of a product, as a winner, is final and unchallengeable.





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